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May 15, 2024

Instituting our new pricing structure is much more complex than we thought. While our costs have increased as of today, we have yet to reflect this on the site. Therefore you are still seeing the old prices, and you are free to avail yourself of the savings. We will be continuing to work on the pricing in the next few days.

May 7, 2024

We have just received a major price increase from our largest manufacturer effective May 15.

After lengthy thought we have decided that the only way to handle this and not shock you with a huge price increase is to stop using a fixed margin method of calculating our selling prices. This is the way most every company decides on their selling price. That would increase our profit, but would burden you with dramatic increases in your costs.

Therefore effective May 15 we are going to lock in our profit on each item to the exact same amount as it is today.

This may, on some items, increase the selling price more than we would like but unfortunately we don't have any control over what we have to pay for our products. It will, however, lessen the burden on you by us not making any additional money off the price increase. We do intend to seek other sources of supply, but this company has always given us great product at a good price.

This new system may make some of our pricing a little, let's say, odd. A smaller ring might be a penny more than a larger one, etc. This is a result of our locking our profits to what they are today. If you see that, it isn't (or shouldn't be) an error. Just part of the new system.

Now, I won't say that we will never have to increase our profit a little bit sometime in the future. I'm not telling anyone something they don't already know by saying the cost of everything is going up. We're lucky that we now own our own building so we are not subject to the huge rent increases in Florida but we are subject, like all of you, to taxes, utilities, and so forth. I hope you, our customer, will realize we are trying to be fair, and the price increase is not a result of our trying to make a "killing".

The current prices will remain until May 15 even if we should run out and need to reorder at the higher price to fill unexpected demand. This would be the time to stock up if you need something and want to get them at the current prices.

I always hate to have to bring this kind of news to our customers and I appreciate your understanding.


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