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The new J and J Hardware

Over the past few years J and J Hardware has strayed quite a bit from its roots.

Once simply an outlet for us to provide the same hardware we use in our own production facilities at decent pricing to the general public, we got into a lot more items, and expanded the line dramatically.

This, unfortunately, had a downside. More and more time was being spent on sourcing new tools and fasteners, and as a result less time was being spent on watching our core business.

The new J and J Hardware should in fact be called the "old" J and J Hardware. We have removed all of the other stuff and gone back to purely a supplier of leather making hardware. This will give us more time to concentrate on finding new and varied hardware, as well as expand the number of sizes and finishes available.

While the selection may be smaller, in the near future we will be adding additional items, almost all hardware, and hope that you'll find us a convenient place to find what you need for your business or hobby.

We invite you to explore the selections, and also to visit our close out specials where we have moved all the remaining stock removed from the main site, and marked them down to below cost while they last.

Thank you for visiting - we hope we can be of service.

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