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One inch dress buckles

One inch dress buckles
One inch dress buckles
Originally brought in as a custom item for a customer, these 1" dress buckles were too nice not to add to the line.

We offer two versions. One is a brass plated buckle with a solid brass tongue, and the other is a zinc die cast buckle with a nickel plated tongue.

Both really nice quality and perfect for a dress belt, pocketbook, or anyplace you need something classy.

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  1-9 Pieces Packs of 10 Packs of 50 Packs of 100 Case (Freight included)
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Brass plate
solid brass tongue
one inch buckle brass plated with solid brass tongue
(2.300 each)

(2.040 each)

(1.780 each)

(case of 950)
Zinc die cast with
nickel plated tongue
1 inch zinc plated buckle with nickel plated tongue
(1.220 each)

(1.090 each)

(0.945 each)

$ 702.38
(case of 1.000)

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This item is sold in "pre-packs". This means that only full quantities of even 50 pieces receive the 50 piece price,
100 receive the 100 piece price, and so forth.

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