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Deluxe Setter Kit

This is the most inclusive set we offer. Will set all kinds of fasteners, and will get you started in leather making, or repair. If you only need to set snaps, or rivets, then this might be overkill, as we have less expensive dedicated tools as well.

Use this to set any of the items in the table below. All setting needs to be done on a hard surface, or with our bench anvil .

We also have an "all snap" setter kit , with a slightly better anvil. That does not, however, set rivets.


All items in this table can be set with this kit.
Small Standard Rivets Medium Standard Rivets Large Standard Rivets
Small Double Cap Rivets Medium Double Cap Rivets Large Double Cap Rivets
Segma Snaps Line 24 Snaps Line 20 Snaps

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