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Oblong Punches

Also known as slot punches, these are the punches that let you thread one strap through another, or cut a slot for a buckle tongue.

There are other, better, and far more expensive slot punches on the market, but I would much rather accidentally hit a rivet with a $20.00 punch than a $75.00 one. We normally get a couple of year's worth of use out of one of these, and we probably give it a heck of a lot more use than you will.

We have found you can sharpen these a little by using a hand stone, but one sharpening is about all, as it does not have a very thick wall. At the same time, our very expensive ones only take 2-3 sharpenings before they start to deform, so the math still works out about the same.

The cap on these lifts off to empty the punches. Be sure you do so, as you will destroy the tool if you use it packed with leather. It will actually split from the pressure.

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Oblong Punch

Oblong Punch

Oblong Punch

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